While this book will be enjoyed by everyone, it fills a special need for men.
There are NOT many books on cancer that a man will WANT TO READ. Fight Back! is one of them.

Very rarely does a man talk about his illness. Even rarer is a man who actually seeks assistance in his time of need. A man usually invents his own way of dealing with it, which usually includes solitude. Isolation is proven to be a major cause of stress for both the patient and caregiver and can actually exacerbate the original illness. A main point of Fight Back! is to NOT go it alone. It is filled with examples and suggestions of how to develop a plan for dealing with cancer.

Fight Back!, written by a man diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer, is about how men can deal with cancer on their level.

"Mental techniques for fighting the biggest bully of our lives"... is a subtitle that MANY men will relate to.
The author's sports routine of golf, basketball, being a fomer college football player is something MOST men will relate to.
Getting together to have a couple of beers after golf or a sporting event is something ALL men will relate to.

Women will love the author's devotion to his wife and family and will love his primary motivation for developing his personal anti-bullying policy. HUMOR is important medicine. The author sprinkles it on throughout his story.

Best wishes for your man's "Fight Back!"
P.S. If you know a man over 50 that has not been screened, buy this book and hit him over the head with it!